AutoPay – Payment Made Simple!

We’ve recently simplified how you can pay for your coaching. With a simple monthly payment, you can not only spread the cost of your coaching, but you can also guarantee you or your child’s place every term!

Simply sign up to a suitable Contract here and you can start playing right away! Prices start from as little as £30 per month.

Paying by a monthly payment plan is the easiest way to pay and guarantees your space in your chosen group indefinitely. There is no need to remember to re-enrol each term, as payments will be debited from your account on the same day of each month meaning that costs are spread evenly throughout the year, making tennis coaching even more affordable.

You will not be tied into a fixed term contract. If you decide to cancel your AutoPay or direct debit for any reason, we just ask for one months’ notice.

Furthermore, if you need to change your regular session to a different day or time ongoing, we can simply swap you over without making any changes to your payment plan (space permitting).

How it works – Your monthly plan buys 4 Credits which are then used automatically for each weekly session of the coaching programme you enrol on to. If a session doesn’t take place in any given week (for example, during half term), then that Credit will be unused and remain on your Account Balance and can be used at a later date.

If a session is cancelled due to extreme bad weather, you will be informed via email and the relevant Coach will be in touch to arrange a ‘make up’ session for that group. The relevant Credit will remain on your account until the ‘make up’ session takes place.

Unused Credits can be used toward half term camps or, in certain circumstances, toward the cost of an individual lesson with one of our Coaching team. Please speak to the Office if you wish to discuss this.

Please note that unused Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.


What is the Challenge App? Challenge Tennis have teamed up with Mindbody booking system to offer clients a fast, easy and user-friendly way of paying for all their tennis coaching with us.

How do I see what credit I have? The best way is to drop us a quick note at and we can let you know. If not this can be found on the main Mindbody app.

How do I redeem my credit? When you sign up for a session you will make a payment every month. This will give you 4 credits to use for your sessions. When the sessions runs this credit will be taken off your account automatically by our Coaching Team.

What is the cancellation period for AutoPay? If you don’t wish to continue for any reason – no worries. All we ask is that you give us one months notice. During this time you will still be able to attend your sessions and payment will still be taken for that month.

What happens if I want to cancel? – Please email the Office to give your one months notice. We will then confirm with you the date of your last session.

How do I change my AutoPay if I become a member? We can’t edit your AutoPay once set up. If you become a member and wish to benefit from the member rate please drop us a line and we will cancel you contract and set you up with a new one at the member rate.

What happens if my card expires? We will get in touch with an automated reminder before this is due to happen. When we do, please update your card details as if you miss your payment our system may allocate your space to another player.

What happens is a payment fails? –If you payment fails we will give you a call to let you know.

What can I use my credit for? Your credits can be used for the courses that you have booked for on a termly basis. As we don’t run courses all through the year when our sessions aren’t running they can be used towards a morning or day at one of our great holiday camps.

Can I transfer onto another course? Yes of course you can. But before you do please speak to your Coach who can confirm that there is space and that it would be a good group for you. Please then email the Office to let them know what course you would like to change to.

Can I add another course onto my monthly payment? Sure, if you want to do another session with us we can create an additional AutoPay to be deducted at the same time.

What happens if I can’t play for a long period of time? We understand that there may be times when you can’t play because off injury/illness or alike. If that’s the case please don’t worry. Get in contact with the Office and we can pause your payments until you are up and running (around the court).

What happens if a session gets cancelled because of weather or Coach sickness? If a session is going to be cancelled we will email you before to confirm. That credit will not be taken from you and will sit on your account. The Coach will then be in touch to arrange a catch up session. Once this session has been caught up the credit will be taken off your account. In the unlikely event of not being able to make the session up we can transfer this credit toward a holiday camp visit or toward an individual lesson with one of the Team.

What happens in a Covid Lockdown? If we are locked down all payments will be paused from that point until we resume. If you have paid just before lockdown those credits will stay on your account until tennis resumes and in those rare instances we will proactively be in touch with you to discuss how those credits can be used. For example, once the lockdown finishes, an individual lesson could be arranged with no additional cost.